Your website is the core of your company's online presence.

You don’t want your investment of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and priceless brand capitol to be lost due to hackers, technical glitches, or human error.

With Website Essentials Pro from Onsharp, you are protecting your site with the latest encryption technology, 24x7 monitoring, nightly backups, and vulnerability scanning.

Joe Sandin, Founder & CEO of Onsharp, talks about why choosing the right hosting partner is so important.


Thinking that all website hosting is the same is like thinking all cars are the same. But there is a big difference between a rundown old hatchback and a brand-new sports car.


A faster website provides a better user experience and is rewarded with more traffic from search engines.


You don’t want your website to go down when you need it most or show error pages to potential customers.


Your customers need to know their data is secure and protected, and you need to know that your website is safe.


With Onsharp you get the SEO benefits of a fast loading website, the confidence of knowing that your website won’t go down, and peace of mind that your website is well protected.

Storage & Bandwidth

We provide rock solid and fast hosting in our Level 3 data centers located across the country. You get 20GB of storage, 200GB of bandwidth (per month), and enterprise level and reliable email delivery for your website forms.

We provide 256-bit encryption for all of your website traffic. We also perform vulnerability scans every 90 days and address any new security threats to ensure your site is safe from hackers.



We've got your back so you can sleep soundly at night. We perform full, verified website backups on a nightly basis with 30-day retention, keeping them off-site in one of our other data center locations.

Platform Updates

Leave the work of keeping your core WordPress installation and plugins updated to us. We’ll update your WordPress install and plugins on a quarterly basis.


We have the software, tools, and support structure to monitor your website 24x7 and respond quickly if there are any issues. We will keep a close eye on your site and ensure it is always up and performing well.

Caching & CDN

Have a need for speed? We've got you covered. Our world-class global Content Delivery Network (CDN) paired with our website caching technology will ensure your site loads lightning fast for your visitors.


Every entrepreneur's nightmare is having their website hacked - not only for the security of client information, but also for the brand’s reputation. If you want to keep your website as safe as possible from hackers, you should take a closer look at your web hosting. After all, an attack occurs once every 39 seconds.

Web hosting is much more than simply choosing the cheapest provider that meets your needs for storage and bandwidth. It’s important to check with your hosting provider and understand their security procedures to ensure your website isn’t at risk for common security threats.

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Security threats on the Internet are an ever-present concern for your business. One of the best ways to arm yourself against these threats is to regularly scan your website for vulnerabilities. Then, if any issues are found, they can be addressed before the situation can escalate any further.

We offer our clients’ vulnerability scans every 90 days. We even offer a free one-time vulnerability scan to help businesses find out what vulnerabilities need to be addressed on their website. Read on to see the top threats that we find and address when we run these scans.

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